Planet Explorers Colony Farming13:58

Planet Explorers Colony Farming

A brief guide explaining how to make a functioning farm.


To be able to build a farm, you first need to set up a colony.

The quest to make a colony is a part of the main storyline and can be completeted after you get to Ataro Baatar in Earth Camp.

If you already have a colony and NPCs, you will also need:

1) Water (can buy or collect);

2) Seeds;

3) Fertilized soil;

4) Fertilizer Sprayer;

5) Insecticides;

6) Incubator (can buy from Ataro Baatar in Earth Camp).

You can buy all of these things in Earth Camp from an NPC there.

How to build a farm?Edit

You can only make a farm in your colony under the force field.

First, you need to have an incubator and make some fertilized soil near it.

You can make fertilized soil by using the fertilizer sprayer and fertilized soil. It transforms the ground into fertile land (Note: Soil that you want to fertilize must be intact (It can not be dug).

Next you need to place some water, insecticides and seeds (Can be bought from NPC in Earth camp) in the incubator. Only then you can set in the colony window option to send an NPC to work at the farm.

To place things in incubator, you must go to it and use open command.

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