Planet Explorers Alpha 008:48

Planet Explorers Alpha 0.7 - GTB Medusa vs Robots


Alien robots

Help Peter

As the main story progress you will get a mission to destroy emiters.

In this mission you must destroy Emanation tower C, which is guarded by 3 giant robots.

Mission descriptionEdit

This is hard mission. To made it you first need to speak with Peter only then you can destroy robots. He is crouching near a tree. Look in the South East from the 3rd tower. He gives you 2 plasma cannons and 3 missile turrets.

How to complete?Edit

There are some working technic depends of what you prefer. You can use some vehicle with strong weapons. Some as GTC Medusa

Simper method is use a turrets. Build some blocks to place the turrets, place 2 plasma cannons and 3 missile turrets and lure robots in range of turrets.

After robots are gone simply destroy Emanation tower C.

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