Attack, Build Dig Fire1 Mouse0 JoystickButton 2
Talk Cancel Fire2 Mouse1 JoystickButton 1
AutoRun Mouse2 JoystickButton8
MoveForward W None
MoveLeft A JoystickButton4
MoveBack S None
MoveRight D JoystickButton5
Interaction Use Collect Talk E None
EnterExitAiming, FreeBuildingMode F None
TakeAllItems Rotate T None
Takeout PutAwayWeapon Z None
Walk Run R JoystickButton6
Block LeftControl None
Jump SwimmingUp ThrottleUp Space JoystickButton2
MissionList Q None
CharacterStats V None
QuickBar6 6 None
QuickBar7 7 None
QuickBar8 8 None
QuickBar9 9 None
LoadMenu F8 None
BuildMode E None
Climb G None
ReplicationMenu Y None
ItemsList I None
WorldMap M None
CreationSystem J None
Brake X None
HandheldPC Shop H None
Vehicle Light L None
Vehicle N20 Space None
Options CloseallUI Escape None
QuickBar1 1 JoystickButton6
QuickBar2 2 JoystickButton10
QuickBar3 3 None
QuickBar4 4 None
QuickBar5 5 None
QuickBar0 0 None
ContrIMode F2 None
SaveMenu F7 None
ScreenCapture F12 None

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