Mining is :

  1. the process or industry of obtaining coal or other minerals from a mine.

You will be mining to collect minerals for the many different Items/Vehicles etc. in the Planet Explorer.  

Tools Edit

== Resources == 

Name Appearance Value
Sand Selling: 0

Buying: 2

Dirt Selling: 0

Buying: 3

Stone Selling: 2

Buying: 6

Limestone Selling: 2

Buying: 8

Marble Selling: 3

Buying: 10

Copper Selling: 4

Buying: 15

Iron Selling: 6

Buying: 21

Silver Selling: 8

Buying: ?

Steel Selling: 10

Buying: 30

Aluminium Selling: ?

Buying: ?

Gold Selling: 11

Buying: ?

Diamond Selling: ?

Buying: ?


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