List of NPCs by locationEdit

Listed in order the location appears in the main questline.

Crash SiteEdit

Camp CarterEdit

Meteorite CraterEdit

Rock FormationEdit

Firebear DenEdit

  • Dayita Saxena - initial meeting
  • NPC Follower #3 - initial meeting

Adisa CampEdit

Earth CampEdit

Alphabetical List of NPCsEdit

Follower NPCsEdit

Please note that follower NPCs have their names and appearances randomly generated by the game engine.

  • NPC Follower #1 - can be asked to follow you, able to use melee weapons
  • NPC Follower #2 - can be asked to follow you, able to use melee weapons and rifles
  • NPC Follower #3 - can be asked to follow you after completing quest Dayita's Medicine, able to use melee weapons and rifles, and can not die

Colonist NPCsEdit

In the 0752 version, only some (not main story) NPCs may be invited to your colony.

How do I invite NPCs to Colony?

  1. During the story mode you must complete the quest Set up a Colony.
  1. For this purpose, you must obtain from Ataro Baatar base camp elements and arrange them in the desired location (this happens during the main story line)
  1. Then in the colony (under the force field) you have to put Dwelings (does not have to be in the building may even be on the ground).
  2. From this point, some NPCs will be a special dialog option so that they will become members of your colony.

Remember that orders for you colonists are spend by a Colony Panel (next to inwentory) and not by the conversation.

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