The Red Lancea is a flying animal commonly found in Desert and Canyon biomes. They are large animals who use their four wings to propel themselves through the air. Red Lanceas are rarer than most flying animals in the Canyons and Desert. They are solitary.

PE 4.13.2014 6.45PM.32

A Red Lancea attacking a colony in Adventure Mode.

Red Lanceas are highly aggressive animals. It is unwise to hunt them without proper equipment, that being a strong ranged weapon with lots of ammunition. They have a lot of health and are hard to kill. They melee attack and do not have any ranged attack.

Red Lanceas can usually be found flying around a random altitude in the Desert and Canyon biomes. Occasionally, they will spot the player and attack, but sometimes they will not notice and will keep flying.

In the desert, they are one of the only flying animals and can be distinguished, but in the Canyons, they are one of many flying creatures and can be mistaken for animals like the Sagitta. You can tell a Lancea from the other animals by their flying pattern, flapping one pair of wings then the other, their general red coloring and light red underside, and their orange streaming feathers on their back wings. Unless you are hunting them, if you see these traits in a flying animal, run!

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