Common Name: Mariturtle
Mariturtle Concept1

Mariturtle Concept Art

Scientific Name: Testudo Mariturtle

The Testudo Mariturtle is currently the most massive creature in the game (although the Harpia Red Korona's wingspan is larger).


The Testudo will not attack unless provoked, and few would be unwise enough to provoke it. It walks around slowly, causing a loud rumbling noise as its footsteps shake the ground. It is solitary.


If you intend to hunt the Testudo Martiturtle, use its slowness and size to your advantage. It has a huge amount of HP, making a ranged weapon a necessity. It is an ideal candidate for the kiting method of hunting. When killed, it drops a large quantity of meat. It drops shells, allowing for completion of the quest (Dayita Saxena's "Tortoise Shell" quest).

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